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Hilliard Local School District

Hilliard Local School District

Hilliard Schools Write Up (K-12) - The Hilliard City Schools District Delta Control system includes control of all main HVAC equipment such as AHU’s, Boilers, Chiller, FCU’s and terminal units. The district wide system is integrated into a single Delta Controls web-server and includes 3rd party monitoring through standard web client interfaces.

CopperTree Analytics is implemented in four of the buildings in order to help the customer in identifying the operational and maintenance needs.  Monitoring of key system and controller performance metrics is accomplished with the Golden Standard and FDD algorithms.
Loveland Schools

Loveland Schools

BCI installed Delta Controls district wide. The system included the installation of controls in all buildings and the integration of BACnet with multiple manufacturers. The district also includes Delta Controls enteliWEB Energy Dashboard for Energy monitoring and reporting.
Southeast Local Schools

Southeast Local Schools

Complete replacement and upgrade of a 5 year old BAS in two buildings, High School and Elementary School. (2) Boiler plants, (2) Chiller plants, (70) VAV boxes, (120) Unit Ventila-tors (15) Central Station VAV AHU’s. Substantially completed over summer vacation.

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